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2021A bayesian optimization approach for multi-function estimation for environmental monitoring using an autonomous surface vehicle: Ypacarai lake case studyELECTRONICS
2021A bayesian optimization approach for water resources monitoring through an autonomous surface vehicle: the Ypacarai lake case studyIEEE ACCESS
2021A dimensional comparison between evolutionary algorithm and deep reinforcement learning methodologies for autonomous surface vehicles with water quality sensorsSENSORS
2021A multiagent deep reinforcement learning approach for path planning in autonomous surface vehicles: the Ypacaraí Lake patrolling caseIEEE ACCESS
2021A multimodal approach to improve performance evaluation of call center agentSENSORS
2021A very high resolution 30-sided space vector generation from a single DC-link for induction motor drivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Adaptive control for three-phase power converters with disturbance rejection performanceIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN CYBERNETICS-SYSTEMS
2021Adaptive cost function FCSMPC for 6-phase IMsENERGIES
2021Adaptive second-order sliding mode control for grid-connected NPC converters with enhanced disturbance rejectionIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2021Advanced control methods for power converters in DG systems and microgridsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021AISCS: autonomous, intelligent sign control system using wireless communication and LED signs for rural and suburban roadsIEEE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MAGAZINE
2021An enhanced gain-bandwidth class-AB miller Op-Amp with 23,800 MHz.pF/mW FOM, 11-16 current efficiency and wide range of resistive and capacitive loads driving capabilityIEEE ACCESS
2021Applications and modulation methods for modular converters enabling unequal cell power sharing: carrier variable-angle phase-displacement modulation methodsIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2021Applications of utility-scale energy storage systemsIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2021Binary Search Based Flexible Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Photovoltaic SystemsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Challenges and future directions in pandemic controlIEEE Control Systems Letters
2021Coils and power supplies design for the SMART tokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
2021Common-mode voltage harmonic reduction in variable speed drives applying a variable-angle carrier phase-displacement PWM methodENERGIES
2021Common-mode voltage mitigation of dual three-phase voltage source inverters in a motor drive applicationIEEE ACCESS
2021Common-Mode Voltage Mitigation Technique in Motor Drive Applications by Applying a Sampling-Time Adaptive Multi-Carrier PWM MethodIEEE ACCESS
2021Convolutional neural encoding of online reviews for the identification of travel group type topics on TripAdvisorINFORMATION PROCESSING & MANAGEMENT
2021DC solid state transformer based on three-level power module for interconnecting MV and LV DC distribution systemsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2021Electric vehicle charging infrastructure — from grid to batteryIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2021Energy-efficient amplifiers based on quasi-floating gate techniquesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
2021Enhanced switching frequency control in FCS-MPC for power convertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Feed-forward modulation technique for more accurate operation of modular multilevel convertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2021High-temperature monitoring in central receiver concentrating solar power plants with femtosecond-laser inscribed FBGSENSORS
2021How can trustworthy influencers be identified in electronic word-of-mouth communities?Technological Forecasting and Social Change
2021Hybrid SHM-PWM for common mode voltage reduction in three-phase three-level NPC inverterIEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS
2021Hyperspectral image processing for the identification and quantification of lentiviral particles in fluid samplesSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021Improving partial discharges location under dispersion and multi-path propagationINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS
2021Improving performance of compact EMI filters by using metallic and ferrite sheetsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2021Ionizing radiation damage in 65 nm CMOS technology: influence of geometry, bias and temperature at ultra-high dosesMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
2021Ionizing radiation hardness tests of GaN HEMTs for harsh environmentsMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
2021K-best sphere decoding algorithm for long prediction horizon FCS-MPCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Lab-on-PCB and flow driving: a critical reviewMICROMACHINES
2021Low cost SU-8 lift-off process to fabricate a gold/glass microelectrodes array for culturing applicationsMICROSYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES-MICRO-AND NANOSYSTEMS-INFORMATION STORAGE AND PROCESSING SYSTEMS
2021Microgrids power quality enhancement using model predictive controlELECTRONICS
2021Model of a device‐level combined wireless network based on NB-IoT and IEEE 802.15.4 standards for low‐power applications in a diverse IoT frameworkSENSORS
2021Model predictive control of modular multilevel converters using quadratic programmingIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2021Multiple-Signal Single-Loop Filter (MSSF) sigma-delta modulatorsAEU-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS
2021Non-uniform constellations for polarization division multiplexed CO-OFDM systemsRADIOENGINEERING
2021Observer-based sliding mode control for grid-connected power converters under unbalanced grid conditionsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Prediction model with harmonic load current components for FCS-MPC of an uninterruptible power supplyIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2021Prenatal treatment with rapamycin restores enhanced hippocampal mGluR-LTD and mushroom spine size in a Down’s syndrome mouse modelMolecular Brain
2021Reducing conducted emissions at the output of full-bridge DCDC converters with high voltage stepsELECTRONICS
2021Semi-automatic lab-on-pcb system for agarose gel preparation and electrophoresis for biomedical applicationsMICROMACHINES
2021Sizing and management of energy storage systems in large-scale power plants using price control and artificial intelligenceENERGIES
2021Sliding Mode Control of Grid-Connected NPC Converters Via High-Gain ObserverIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Smart railway operation aid system for facilities with low-safety requirementsIEEE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MAGAZINE
2021Super-Gain-Boosted AB-AB Fully Differential Miller Op-Amp with 156dB Open-Loop Gain and 174MV/V MHZ pF/μW Figure of Merit in 130nm CMOS TechnologyIEEE ACCESS
2021Suppression of lower order harmonics for the full modulation range for a two-level inverter-fed IM drive with a switched-capacitive filter technique forming a 42-sided voltage space vector structureIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2021Three-dimensional optimization of penstock layouts for micro-hydropower plants using genetic algorithmsAPPLIED ENERGY
2021Time efficient unmanned aircraft systems deployment in disaster scenarios using clustering methods and a set cover approachELECTRONICS
2021Time-interleaving design of error-feedback sigma-delta modulators with infinite impulse response noise transfer functionIET CIRCUITS DEVICES & SYSTEMS
2021Toward smart systems: their sensing and control in industrial electronics and applicationsIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2021Variable rounding level control method for modular multilevel convertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2020360 nW Gate-Driven Ultra-Low Voltage CMOS Linear Transconductor with 1 MHz Bandwidth and Wide Input RangeIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS
2020A 5-Level Inverter Scheme Using Single DC Link with Reduced Number of Floating Capacitors and Switches for Open-End im DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2020A compact size wideband rf-vga based on second generation controlled current conveyorsELECTRONICS
2020A comparison of local path planning techniques of autonomous surface vehicles for monitoring applications: The Ypacarai lake case-studySENSORS
2020A deep reinforcement learning approach for the patrolling problem of water resources through autonomous surface vehicles: the Ypacarai lake caseIEEE ACCESS
2020A high-gain observer-based adaptive super-twisting algorithm for DC-link voltage control of NPC convertersENERGIES
2020A survey on bidirectional DC/DC power converter topologies for the future hybrid and all electric aircraftsENERGIES
2020A virtual device for simulation-based fault injectionELECTRONICS
2020Advanced control strategies for DC-DC buck converters with parametric uncertainties via experimental evaluationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I-REGULAR PAPERS
2020Agent productivity modeling in a call center domain using attentive convolutional neural networksSENSORS
2020An Efficient Hybrid Fuzzy-Clustering Driven 3D-Modeling of Magnetic Resonance Imagery for Enhanced Brain Tumor DiagnosisELECTRONICS
2020Assessing variable sampling time controllers for five-phase induction motor drivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2020Assessment of Virtual-Voltage-Based Model Predictive Controllers in Six-Phase Drives Under Open-Phase FaultsIEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS
2020Closed-Loop Analytic Filtering Scheme of Capacitor Voltage Ripple in Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2020Compressive-Sensing-Based Reflectometer for Sparse-Fault Detection in Elevator BeltsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT
2020Control System Design of a Three-Phase Active Front End Using a Sliding-Mode ObserverIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN CYBERNETICS-SYSTEMS
2020Cost function optimization for predictive control of a five-phase IM driveOPTIMAL CONTROL APPLICATIONS & METHODS
2020DC-Link Voltage-Balancing Strategy Based on Optimal Switching Sequence Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase H-NPC ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2020Development of a tabletop setup for the transient current technique using two photon absorption in silicon particle detectorsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE
2020Development of GaN Technology-Based DC/DC Converter for Hybrid UAVIEEE ACCESS
2020Discontinuous-PWM Method for Multilevel N-cell Cascaded H-bridge ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2020Effects of dispersion and multi-path propagation in partial discharges locationIEEE ACCESS
2020High technology readiness level techniques for brushless direct current motors failures detection: A systematic reviewENERGIES
2020Hybrid energy storage systems: concept, advantages and applicationsIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2020Integral sliding-mode control-based direct power control for three-level NPC convertersENERGIES
2020Investigation of the Pu 240 (n,f) reaction at the n_TOF/EAR2 facility in the 9 meV-6 MeV rangePHYSICAL REVIEW C
2020Losses allocation due to penetration of DG and self-consumption operation in distribution systems. Case: PV solar energyRenewable Energy & Power Quality Journal
2020Low-power ultrasonic front end for cargo container monitoringIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT
2020Low-Voltage 0.81mW, 1-32 CMOS VGA with 5% Bandwidth Variations and-38dB DC RejectionIEEE ACCESS
2020Multiphase current imbalance localisation method applied to natural fault-tolerant strategiesIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
2020Network of multi-hop wireless sensors for low cost and extended area home automation systemsREVISTA IBEROAMERICANA DE AUTOMATICA E INFORMATICA INDUSTRIAL
2020Observer-based sliding-mode control of a DC/DC buck converter for railway systemsIET RENEWABLE POWER GENERATION
2020Open loop sigma-delta modulators for digital-to-analog converters with high speed improving using time interleavingAEU-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS
2020Optimized micro-hydro power plants layout design using messy genetic algorithmsEXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS
2020Overcoming the Effect of Test Fixtures on the Measurement of Parasitics of Capacitors and InductorsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2020Power Devices Aging Equalization of Interleaved DC–DC Boost Converters via Power RoutingIEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics
2020Power efficient simple technique to convert a reset-and-hold into a true-sample-and-hold using an auxiliary output stageIEEE ACCESS
2020Power routing: a new paradigm for maintenance schedulingIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2020Prediction of Satellite Shadowing in Smart Cities with Application to IoTSENSORS
2020Predictive current control in electrical drives: an illustrated review with case examples using a five-phase induction motor drive with distributed windingsIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
2020Real-time selective harmonic mitigation technique for power converters based on the exchange market algorithmENERGIES
2020Sampling-time harmonic control for cascaded h-bridge converters with thermal controlIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2020Simple setup for measuring the response to differential mode noise of common mode chokesELECTRONICS
2020SW-VHDL co-verification environment using open source toolsELECTRONICS
2020Utility-scale energy storage systems: converters and controlIEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE
2020Variable-Angle PS-PWM Technique for Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Converters with Large Number of Power CellsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2019+/- 0.25-V Class-AB CMOS Capacitance Multiplier and Precision RectifiersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS
2019A distributed PSO-based exploration algorithm for a UAV network assisting a disaster scenarioFUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ESCIENCE
2019A machine learning approach for the identification of the deceptive reviews in the hospitality sector using unique attributes and sentiment orientationTOURISM MANAGEMENT
2019A MPC strategy for the optimal management of microgrids based on evolutionary optimizationELECTRONICS
2019Advanced control methods for power converters in distributed generation systems and microgridsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2019An evolutionary approach to constrained path planning of an autonomous surface vehicle for maximizing the covered area of Ypacarai LakeSOFT COMPUTING
2019An evolutionary computational approach for designing micro hydro power plantsENERGIES
2019An evolutionary computational approach for the problem of unit commitment and economic dispatch in microgrids under several operation modesENERGIES
2019Analysis, Comparison, and Experimental Validation of a Class AB Voltage Follower With Enhanced Bandwidth and Slew RateIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS
2019Assessment of a universal reconfiguration-less control approach in open-phase fault operation for multiphase drivesENERGIES
2019Caracterización del fenómeno de «cola larga» en los portales de boca a boca electrónicoTecnología, Ciencia y Educación
2019Comparison of Eulerian and Hamiltonian circuits for evolutionary-based path planning of an autonomous surface vehicle for monitoring Ypacarai LakeJOURNAL OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE AND HUMANIZED COMPUTING
2019Constraint satisfaction in current control of a five-phase drive with locally tuned predictive controllersENERGIES
2019Does PDMS really interact with [18F]fluoride? Applications in microfluidic reactors for 18F-radiopharmaceuticalsMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
2019Efficient model predictive control with natural fault-tolerance in asymmetrical six-phase induction machinesENERGIES
2019Electrostimulation in an autonomous culture lab-on-chip provides neuroprotection of a retinal explant from a retinitis pigmentosa mouse-modelSENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
2019Event-triggering dissipative control of switched stochastic systems via sliding modeAUTOMATICA
2019Extracellular Electrophysiology in the Prostate Cancer Cell Model PC-3SENSORS
2019Failure Detection by Signal Similarity Measurement of Brushless DC MotorsENERGIES
2019Fault Tolerance in Direct Torque Control with Virtual Voltage VectorsREVISTA IBEROAMERICANA DE AUTOMATICA E INFORMATICA INDUSTRIAL
2019Fine-Grain Circuit Hardening Through VHDL Datatype SubstitutionELECTRONICS
2019Fully differential implementation of a delta-sigma modulator based on the pseudo-pseudo differential techniqueAEU-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS
2019Generalized Harmonic Control for CHB Converters with Unbalanced Cells OperationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2019High-Performance Second Order Sliding Mode Control for NPC ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICS
2019Highly integrable and normally open microvalve for industrial thermoplastic-based lab on PCBSENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL
2019Identification of the unique attributes and topics within Smart Things Open Innovation CommunitiesTechnological Forecasting and Social Change
2019Improved harmonic performance of cascaded H-bridge converters with thermal controlIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2019Intelligent Online Learning Strategy for an Autonomous Surface Vehicle in Lake Environments Using Evolutionary ComputationIEEE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MAGAZINE
2019Interest and Applicability of Meta-Heuristic Algorithms in the Electrical Parameter Identification of Multiphase MachinesENERGIES
2019Iterl: A wireless adaptive system for efficient road lightingSENSORS
2019Model predictive optimal control considering current and voltage limitations: Real-time validation using OPAL-RT technologies and five-phase permanent magnet synchronous machinesMATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION
2019Model-Based Control for Power Converters with Variable Sampling Time: A Case Example using Five-Phase Induction Motor DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2019Model-Based Predictive Current Controllers in Multiphase Drives Dealing with Natural Reduction of Harmonic DistortionENERGIES
2019Monitoring of microfluidics systems for pet radiopharmaceutical synthesis using integrated silicon photomultipliersIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
2019Multilevel 24-Sided Polygonal Voltage-Space-Vector Structure Generation for an IM Drive Using a Single DC SourceIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2019Multilevel converters – control and operation in industrial systemsPOWER ELECTRONICS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS AND SMART GRID: TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS
2019Neural-Blockchain-Based Ultrareliable Caching for Edge-Enabled UAV NetworksIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICS
2019Observer-Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of NPC Converters: An RBF Neural Network ApproachIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2019Optimal Scheduling of Energy Storage Using A New Priority-Based Smart Grid Control MethodENERGIES
2019Optimización de Funciones de Coste para Control Predictivo de Máquinas de Inducción MultifásicasREVISTA IBEROAMERICANA DE AUTOMATICA E INFORMATICA INDUSTRIAL
2019Powertrain EV synchronous reluctance motor design with redundant topology with novel controlIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
2019Predictive controller considering electrical constraints: A case example for five-phase induction machinesIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
2019Pseudo-Three-Stage Miller Op-Amp With Enhanced Small-Signal and Large-Signal PerformanceIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS
2019Selective Harmonic Mitigation Based Self-Elimination of Triplen Harmonics for Single-Phase Five-Level InvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2019Sensor-Assisted Weighted Average Ensemble Model for Detecting Major Depressive DisorderSENSORS
2019Single-use impulsion system for displacement of liquids on thermoplastic-based lab on chipSENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL
2019Smart Shielding Techniques for Common Mode Chokes in EMI FiltersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY
2019Spanish Scientific Network for LifeWatch-ERIC, e-Science Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem ResearchBiodiversity Information Science and Standards
2019Synchronous reluctance six-phase motor proved based EV powertrain as charger/discharger with redundant topology and ORS controlIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
2019The superhit effect and long tail phenomenon in the context of electronic word of mouthDECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS
2018+/- 0.18-V supply voltage gate-driven PGA with 0.7-Hz to 2-kHz constant bandwidth and 0.15-W power dissipationINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CIRCUIT THEORY AND APPLICATIONS
2018A Highly Efficient Composite Class-AB-AB Miller Op-Amp With High Gain and Stable From 15 pF Up To Very Large Capacitive LoadsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS
2018A Simple, Fast, and Robust Open-Phase Fault Detection Technique for Six-Phase Induction Motor DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2018A Very High Resolution Stacked Multilevel Inverter Topology for Adjustable Speed DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2018An Amplified Offset Compensation Scheme and Its Application in a Track and Hold CircuitIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS
2018An Experimental Assessment of Open-Phase Fault-Tolerant Virtual-Vector-Based Direct Torque Control in Five-Phase Induction Motor DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2018Application of Nature Inspired Algorithms for Wireless Multi-hop Ad Hoc Network Optimization Problems in Disaster Response ScenariosNATURE-INSPIRED NETWORKING: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS
2018Application of text mining techniques to the analysis of discourse in eWOM communications from a gender perspectiveTechnological Forecasting and Social Change
2018Bandwidth-Enhanced High Current Efficiency Class-AB Buffer with Very Low Output ResistanceIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS
2018Bonding process using integrated electrothermal actuators for microfluidic circuit fabricationJOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING
2018Characterization of Common Mode Chokes at High Frequencies With Simple MeasurementsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2018Characterization of Three-Phase Common-Mode Chokes at High FrequenciesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2018Compact Embedded Wireless Sensor-Based Monitoring of Concrete CuringSENSORS
2018Context-adaptive forwarding in mobile opportunistic networksANNALS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS
2018Design of a Radiation Hardened Power-ON-ResetIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE
2018Development of an Emergency Radio Beacon for Small Unmanned Aerial VehiclesIEEE ACCESS
2018Direct Torque Control based on Virtual Voltage Vector for a Six-phase Induction MachineREVISTA IBEROAMERICANA DE AUTOMATICA E INFORMATICA INDUSTRIAL
2018Dissimilarity Metric Based on Local Neighboring Information and Genetic Programming for Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)SENSORS
2018Enhanced Single-Stage Folded Cascode OTA Suitable for Large Capacitive LoadsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS
2018Evolutionary deployment and local search-based movements of 0th, responders in disaster scenariosFUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ESCIENCE
2018Fabrication method of lab-on-PCB devices using a microheater with a thermo-mechanical barrierMICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING
2018Generation of High-Resolution 12-Sided Voltage Space Vector Structure Using Low-Voltage Stacked and Cascaded Basic Inverter CellsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2018Gold microelectrodes array embedded in PDMS for electrical stimulation and signal detectionSENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
2018Highly Integrable Microfluidic Impulsion System for Precise Displacement of Liquids on Lab on PCBsJOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS
2018HMADSO: a novel hill Myna and desert Sparrow optimization algorithm for cooperative rendezvous and task allocation in FANETsSOFT COMPUTING
2018Identification of the Unique Attributes of Tourist Destinations from Online ReviewsJOURNAL OF TRAVEL RESEARCH
2018Identifying the features of reputable users in eWOM communities by using Particle Swarm OptimizationTechnological Forecasting and Social Change
2018Intelligent Containers Based on a Low-Power Sensor Network and a Non-Invasive Acquisition System for Management and Tracking of GoodsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS
2018Lab-protocol-on-PCB: Prototype of a laboratory protocol on printed circuit board using MEMS technologiesMICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING
2018Model Predictive Control of Six-Phase Induction Motor Drives Using Virtual Voltage VectorsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2018Modular Discrete and CMOS Integrated Implementations of High-Speed Analog Rank-Order FiltersCIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
2018Multi-subpopulation evolutionary algorithms for coverage deployment of UAV-networksAD HOC NETWORKS
2018Multistep Model Predictive Control for Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters: Formulation and AnalysisIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2018Open-Switch Fault Detection in Five-Phase Induction Motor Drives Using Model Predictive ControlIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2018Partial discharge detection using PLC receivers in MV cables: A theoretical frameworkELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
2018Passive RFID-Based Inventory of Traffic Signs on Roads and Urban EnvironmentsSENSORS
2018Proposal for a EU quality label for aerospace educationINCAS Bulletin
2018Reto de innovación abierta como estrategia para desarrollar nuevas soluciones de salud móvilMEDICINA CLINICA
2018Sliding Mode Control of a Three-Phase AC/DC Voltage Source Converter Under Unknown Load Conditions: Industry ApplicationsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN CYBERNETICS-SYSTEMS
2018Subsampling OFDM-Based Ultrasonic Data Communication Through Metallic Channels for Monitoring of Cargo ContainersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS
2018Super class AB RFC OTA using non-linear current mirrorsELECTRONICS LETTERS
2018Super class AB RFC OTA with adaptive local common-mode feedbackELECTRONICS LETTERS
2018Super Class-AB Recycling Folded Cascode OTAIEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS
2018Switching Frequency Regulation for FCS-MPC Based on a Period Control ApproachIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2018Trade-offs analysis in predictive current control of multi-phase induction machinesCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
2018Tuning of predictive controllers for five-phase drivesInternational Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
2017A Simple Braking Method for Six-Phase Induction Motor Drives With Unidirectional Power Flow in the Base-Speed RegionIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2017A Simple Miller Compensation With Essential Bandwidth ImprovementIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS
2017An open-phase fault detection method for six-phase induction motor drivesRenewable Energy & Power Quality Journal
2017Analysis and design of highly linear triode-mode based OTA and its application to a wide tunable Gm-C filterINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CIRCUIT THEORY AND APPLICATIONS
2017Analysis of the power quality in six-phase induction motor drives with arbitrary winding spatial shiftingRenewable Energy & Power Quality Journal
2017Detectors and Concepts for sub-100 ps timing with gaseous detectorsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
2017Disposable PDMS Chip With Integrated [F-18]Fluoride Pre-Concentration Cartridge for RadiopharmaceuticalsJOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS
2017Extended State Observer-Based Sliding-Mode Control for Three-Phase Power ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2017Fabrication process for inexpensive, biocompatible and transparent PCBs. Application to a flow meterMICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING
2017Fault-Tolerant Control of Six-Phase Induction Motor Drives With Variable Current InjectionIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2017FVF-Based Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator with Fast Charging/Discharging Paths for Fast Line and Load RegulationETRI JOURNAL
2017High current efficiency class-AB OTA with high open loop gain and enhanced bandwidthIEICE ELECTRONICS EXPRESS
2017High-resolution three-dimensional imaging of a depleted CMOS sensor using an edge Transient Current Technique based on the Two Photon Absorption process (TPA-eTCT)NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT
2017Impact of Postfault Flux Adaptation on Six-Phase Induction Motor Drives With Parallel ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS
2017Influence of Covariance-Based ALS Methods in the Performance of Predictive Controllers With Rotor Current EstimationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2017Low Activity Mechanism for Mobile Sensor/Actuator Networks Based on IEEE 802.15.4WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS
2017Low-Power Analog Channel Selection Filtering TechniquesCIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
2017Method for controlling voltage and frequency of the local offshore grid responsible for connecting large offshore commercial wind turbines with the rectifier diode-based HVDC-link applied to an external controllerIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
2017Mobile Ad Hoc Network Protocols Based on Dissimilarity MetricsMOBILE AD HOC NETWORK PROTOCOLS BASED ON DISSIMILARITY METRICS
2017Model Predictive Control for Power Converters and Drives: Advances and TrendsIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2017Multiphase Energy Conversion Systems Connected to Microgrids With Unequal Power-Sharing CapabilityIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENERGY CONVERSION
2017Novel Symmetric Six-Phase Induction Motor Drive Using Stacked Multilevel Inverters With a Single DC Link and Neutral Point Voltage BalancingIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2017On the determination of the substrate effective doping concentration of irradiated HV-CMOS sensors using an edge-TCT technique based on the Two-Photon-Absorption processJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
2017Open-Phase Fault-Tolerant Direct Torque Control Technique for Five-Phase Induction Motor DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2017Probabilistic Broadcasting Based on Dissimilarity MetricsMOBILE AD HOC NETWORK PROTOCOLS BASED ON DISSIMILARITY METRICS
2017Sensitivity of predictive controllers to parameter variation in five-phase induction motor drivesCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
2017Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy Systems: Current Technology and Future TrendsPROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE
2017Super class AB OTA without open-loop gain degradation based on dynamic cascode biasingINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CIRCUIT THEORY AND APPLICATIONS
2017Variable-Angle Phase-Shifted PWM for Multilevel Three-Cell Cascaded H-Bridge ConvertersIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
20160.7-V Three-Stage Class-AB CMOS Operational Transconductance AmplifierIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I-REGULAR PAPERS
2016A Low-Power Baseband Filter Based on a 1.2-V 65-nm CMOS Bulk-Driven Linear Tunable TransconductorJOURNAL OF LOW POWER ELECTRONICS
2016A methodology for structured ontology construction applied to intelligent transportation systemsCOMPUTER STANDARDS & INTERFACES
2016A multi-objective optimization of data dissemination in delay tolerant networksEXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS
2016A New Fast Peak Current Controller for Transient Voltage Faults for Power ConvertersENERGIES
2016A Predictive Capacitor Voltage Control of a Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With a Single DC-Link and Reduced Common-Mode Voltage OperationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2016An evaluation methodology for reliable simulation based studies of routing protocols in VANETsSIMULATION MODELLING PRACTICE AND THEORY
2016An Intelligent Strategy for Tactical Movements of UAVs in Disaster ScenariosINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DISTRIBUTED SENSOR NETWORKS
2016Analysis and synthesis of symmetrical output voltage of three-level converters with space-vector PWMTekhnichna Elektrodynamika
2016Analysis and Synthesis of Symmetrical Output Voltage of Three-Level Inverters with Space-vector PWMTekhnichna Elektrodynamika
2016Comparative Study of Predictive and Resonant Controllers in Fault-Tolerant Five-Phase Induction Motor DrivesIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
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