Department of Electronic Engineering
University of Seville

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The department of Electronic engineering of the University of Seville is constituted by 48 persons who belong to the following categories:

  • 24 Teachers civil servants
  • 17 Contracted teachers
  • 3 scholar FPI
  • 4 Personnel of Administration and Services

At present the department gives all its teaching in the Engineers´ high school in the following qualifications:

- Degree in Telecomunication Engineering
- Degree in Industrial Engineering
- Degree in Aerospace Engineering
- Degree in Electronic Engineering, Robotic and Mechatronic
- Degree in Energy Engineering
- Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering
- Degree in Chemical Engineering
- Master in Electronic, Signal Processing and Communication

The educations of Electronic Engineering that gives the Department are of national reference so much in the studies of graduate as in them of post graduate. It can be mentioned: (a) the Mention of Quality obtained in the program of doctorate Electronic Engineering, Treatment of Signs and Communications; and (b) the degree of excellence obtained in the last two years for both groups of investigation at which the members of the department develop their research work: GTE and GIE

For the normal development so much of the educational as investigative labors the Department has laboratories perfectly equipped like appears in the following images.

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