Department of Electronic Engineering
University of Seville

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Miguel Aguirre Echanove

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Contact Information

  • Office:Office: E2, Corner SW, S10
  • Telephone: +34 ( 95) 448-73-67
  • Fax: +34 (95) 448-73-73
  • E-Mail:
  • Address:
    Miguel Aguirre Echanove
    Departamento de Ingenieria Electrónica
    Escuela Superior de Ingenieros
    Camino de los Descubrimientos S/N
    41092 Sevilla (SPAIN)


  • Tutorships:
    • Monday from 9:30h to 11:30h
    • Wednesday from 9:30h to 11:30h
    • Friday from 9:30h to 11:30h
  • Subjects:
    • Microelectronics and Measurement Lab. 4th year of Telecomunication Engineer
    • Microelectronics. 4th year of Telecomunication Engineer
    • Microelectronics. 2nd year of Automatic and Industrial Electronic Engineer
    • Microelectronics and Measurement Lab. 2nd year of Electronic Engineer
    • Microelectronics. 1st year of Electronic Engineer
    • Microelectronic. 4th year of Degree in Industrial Engineering
    • Doctora course titled Digital Microelectronics
    • Doctora course titled Complementos de Electrónica
    • Doctora course titled Gestión Tecnológica I
    • Doctora course titled Sistemas Electrónicos para Aplicaciones Aeroespaciales

Short Curriculum

  • Industrial Engineer from 1991
  • PhD Industrial Engineering from 1994
  • Professor from 01-10-1996
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